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CarboFix nails and plates are made of continuous carbon fibers reinforced polymer.

The Polymer (PEEK) adhere the fibers together. 

The continuous carbon fibers are layered in a unidirectional, longitudinal orientation, as well as in helical / diagonal orientation. 

The modulus of elasticity of the composite material is close to that of cortical bone. This might contribute to early fracture healing, as well as lower the risk for stress risers and secondary fractures.


The material makes the CarboFix implants radiolucent, which is beneficial during surgery and follow up.


This composite material enables MRI & CT scan with no, or minimal artifacts for better soft tissue visualization. The material enables radiation therapy with no backscatters.

The CarboFix nails and plates present Unparalleled fatigue resistance which enable prolonged support for delayed union and oncology patients


CarboFix implants portfolio includes, among others:


  •  Intramedullary nails for Humerus, Tibia & Femur, as well as Ankle Arthrodesis nail


  • Plates for Distal femur, Proximal Tibia, Distal Radius, Proximal Humerus & Distal Fibula and others

Carbon Fibers Orientation in the CarboFix Nails

Why Carbon Fibers

Plates X-rays

 Nails X-rays

The Implants

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