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CarboFix nails, plates, and pedicle screws are made of continuous carbon fibers reinforced polymer.

The Polymer (PEEK) adhere the fibers together. 

The continuous carbon fibers are layered in a unidirectional, longitudinal orientation, as well as in helical / diagonal orientation. 


The material makes the CarboFix implants radiolucent, which is beneficial during surgery and follow up.


This composite material enables MRI & CT scan with no, or minimal artifacts for better soft tissue visualization. The material enables radiation therapy with no backscatters.


CarboFix implants portfolio includes, among others:


  •  Intramedullary nails for Humerus, Tibia & Femur, as well as Ankle Arthrodesis nail


  • Plates for Distal Radius, Proximal Humerus & Distal Fibula

       and others

  • Pedicle Screws & Rods


Carbon Fibers Orientation in the CarboFix Nails

Plates X-rays

 Nails X-rays

The Implants