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Femur Nail


CarboFix "Piccolo" Femur Nails


  • Made of continuous carbon fibers reinforced polymer.


  • The nails are shaped as an anatomical bow, representing a radian of 1.5 meters (apart for the 200mm nails, which are not curved).


  • The screw holes are threaded for enhanced screw fixation.


  • CarboFix Femur nails are cannulated for insertion over a proprietary 2.4mm guide wire.


  • The nail cap is made of composite material and is radiolucent.


  • Radiopaque markers around the drill holes and along the nails’ length axis facilitate positioning and drilling.


  • CarboFix Femur nails are FDA cleared and CE marked.





  • Radiolucent: Superior fracture imaging.


  • Unparalleled fatigue strength.


  • Improved modulus of elasticity. 


  • No artifacts in CT & MRI due to the nail.


  • Advantageous in pathological fractures


  More about the technology >>

Available sizes
  • Screws: Ø5mm


*      Special Order

**    CarboFix nails & plates are supplied sterile

***  CarboFix nails & plates are also known as Piccolo Composite® nails & plates


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