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Narrow Plate

Broad Plate

CarboFix "Piccolo" Diaphyseal Plate


  • Made of continuous carbon fibers reinforced polymer. 


  • The carbon fibers are arranged in a unidirectional longitudinal orientation, as well as in a diagonal orientation, allowing multidirectional strength in all planes.


  • Narrow & Broad designs are available


  • Radiolucent: clear view of the fracture site


  • Circumference radiopaque marking outlining plate contour for positioning & follow-up.


  • Polyaxial locking screws - up to 10° trajectory variation.


  • Screw holes accommodate both locking and non-locking screws.


  • CarboFix Diaphyseal Plates are FDA cleared and CE marked.





  • Radiolucent: Superior fracture imaging.


  • Unparalleled fatigue strength.


  • Improved modulus of elasticity. 


  • No cold welding.


More about the technology >>

Available sizes
  • Locking Screws: Ø5mm

  • Non Locking Screws: Ø4.5mm


*  CarboFix nails & plates are supplied sterile

**  CarboFix nails & plates are also known as Piccolo Composite® nails & plates


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Polyaxial Locking Screws 
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