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CarboFix "Piccolo" No-Holes Diaphyseal Plate


  • Made of continuous carbon fiber reinforced polymer

  • Enables the surgeon to prepare a custom made hole configuration according to the patient's fracture/pathology​

  • The surgeon can determine where he would like to have the screw holes located, & drill the screw holes on the sterile back table during surgery

  • Disposable, sterile tools kit for drilling the plate holes

  • Polyaxial locking screws - up to 10° trajectory variation


  • Screw holes accommodate both locking and non-locking screws


  • CarboFix No-Holes Diaphyseal Plates are CE marked

  • Non-US product


Available sizes
  • Locking Screws: Ø5mm

  • Non Locking Screws: Ø4.5mm


*  CarboFix nails & plates are supplied sterile

**  CarboFix nails & plates are also known as Piccolo Composite® nails & plates


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