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Biomechanical properties


Improved modulus of elasticity


The modulus of elasticity of the composite material is close to that of cortical bone. This might lower the risk for stress risers and secondary fractures, as well as to contribute to early fracture healing.


Modulus of Elasticity

Unparalleled fatigue strength


In comparative fatigue experiments of Ø8.5mm nails, a Titanium rod failed after 40,000 cycles, a Stainless Steel rod failed after 440,000 cycles, and the CarboFix nail did not fail even after 4,000,000 cycles.


Nails Fatigue Strength

Plates Fatigue Strength

CarboFix plates: superior bending strength


Comparison bending strength test of Titanium, Stainless Steel and CarboFix “Piccolo” Diaphyseal plates was performed.

CarboFix “Piccolo" plates were shown to have a higher bending strength than metal plates.


Superior Bending Strength

Superior Bending Strength_edited.png
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