CarboClear® Pedicle Screw System
  • Made of continuous carbon fibers reinforced polymer

  • The Only Full Carbon Fiber System

  •  Poly-Axial Screw Design - 15° trajectory variation

  •  Bone / screw interface: Ultrathin Titanium Shell
     for X-Ray visualization & better bone integration


  •  MRI & CT: No artifacts.

  •  Oncology: Essential in radiation therapy:

    •  No backscattering.

    •  No attenuation.

    •  Precise radiation planning.

  •  Unparalleled Fatigue Strength.

  •  Optimal Modulus of Elasticity.

  •  Radiolucent: Allows effective follow-up.

Carbon Fibers


Titanium Shell

Screw Cross Section


Visualization under fluoroscopy**

  • CarboClear Pedicle Screw System is CE marked.

  • CarboClear Pedicle Screw System is cleared by the FDA*

* The CarboClear Pedicle Screw System is intended to restore the integrity of the spinal column even in the absence of fusion for a limited time period in patients with advanced-stage tumors involving the thoracic and lumbar spine in whom life expectancy is of insufficient duration to permit achievement of fusion.

Available sizes

Pedicle Screws 

Screw threads marked by Ultrathin Titanium Shell for visualization under flourscopy.


Special Rods For Oncology 

Locking Elements

** The screw tulips, locking elements & rods for oncology have no tantalum marker